Tell me more about your mattresses?
The mattress market in the UK has never been more lively. The traditional bed retailers and mattress manufacturers have been shocked by the pace of adoption of new mattress technologies. Innovative combinations of both spring and foam have resulted in outstanding mattresses, for reasonable prices, all delivered vacuum packed taking over 20% share of the UK market.

There are plently of new player in the market; Lessa, Eve, Bruno, Oti, Casper, Simba to name a few. We take the same approach to mattresses as we do our bedding and towels; we are not greedy on price and we believe the marginal difference in quality is not worth the substantial price difference which ranges between 50% and 90% higher than our premium mattress.

One other difference between us and the other new players is that we offer a range of mattresses. All of the new spring and foam mattresses feature technology that enables them to suit most ranges of body type and weight. However there is definitely a difference between the softer feel of a memory foam mattress against one that is high density foam, and some people would prefer not to pay a premium for a higher number of springs e.g. the mattress might be for a spare room. For a same size mattress (King) the cost difference between our Pocket 1000 and the most dearest competitor is that it is 3 times more expensive.

All our mattresses are National Bed Federation approved, UK manufactured, comply with UK fire regulations (BS7177) and come with a 10 year guarantee and in most cases will be delivered within 2 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the mattress come vacuum packed?
Once the different layers of the mattress are built up of foam and specially designed pocketed mini springs the mattress is passed through a special packing machine which shrinks the depth to a fraction of the original dimensions. The mattress can then be folded and is now much easier and cost effective for our couriers to deliver.

What is Fresche® technology?
Fresche® Bioscience fights bacteria, fungi and odour and also inhibits house dust mites. The anti microbial treatment prevents long lasting protection for a clean and safe sleep environment.

What is Adaptive® technology?
Adaptive® is a treatment that changes passive textiles to textiles that respond dynamically to temperature changes. As your body heats up, the adaptive treatment pushes the evaporation “gas pedal”. Healthy sleep requires an adequate microclimate.

In bed, comfortably tucked between the sheets, your body core temperature is approx. 37°C or 98.6 °F. Your skin is constantly emitting warmth and humidity. The ability of the bedding, especially below the body, to deal with the warmth and humidity is essential for recuperative sleep.

The key features of our mattresses are summarised in this table:

* equivalent to in a 150cm size mattress